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At Silveroak Driveway, we specialise in expert landscaping and driveways, working throughout Birmingham & surrounding areas.


Bespoke Landscaping Services in Birmingham

Imagine opening your doors to a beautifully designed and well-kept garden in the luxury of your own home. Silveroaks Driveways makes this a reality as specialist landscape gardeners in Birmingham who provide professional landscaping solutions for large and small areas.

From planting and maintenance to turf, artificial grass, decking, fencing and custom features that are driven by your inspiration, we deliver bespoke services that leave a long-lasting impression whilst keeping your garden looking fresh all year round.

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What We Do

Custom Features for Birmingham Gardens

Every garden is unique and individual to you. That’s why we assist clients and customers with custom features that will enhance the aesthetic of your garden.

Our hard landscaping services in Birmingham include stonework and brickwork using the highest quality of materials and meticulously installed by our professional and skilled team whose experience in hard landscaping is unrivalled.

Ensuring a high level of health and safety we adhere to all regulations and provide a free quotation from your first call.

From little projects to big ones, we can cater for all types of areas and are skilled in the craftwork that goes into stone and brickwork that helps to transform your outdoor area for a tranquil atmosphere throughout the year.

Stonework and Brickwork

No matter what style your garden is, decorative brickwork and stonework is a perfect way to add interesting features to any garden.

Decorative stonework could be the perfect solution to creating separate areas for privacy or security while decorative brickwork could be used for raised planting areas and steps.

Planting and Maintenance Services

One way to elevate your garden is by planting gorgeous flowers and plants to bring a hint of colour to your outdoor space and create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

Our professional gardeners have plenty of expertise in this area and truly understand the right plants for your soil whilst adhering to your personal aesthetic preference. The great part about plants and flowers is that they are tailored to your taste and style, and we can assist with seasonal rotation so that your garden is flourishing all year round.

Plus we provide maintenance services to assist with the upkeep of your garden.

Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, and Hedges

Trees, shrubs and hedges are a perfect feature in any garden. Mature trees and shrubs look fantastic all year round if maintained. Our team carries out professional tree, shrub & hedge planting, maintenance, and removal services.

Turf and Artificial Grass Solutions

Silveroak Driveways LTD

Real or artificial turf can do wonders for your garden with their transformative effect they have to inject colour and a fresh feel into your personal environment.

Not only does natural turf improve your air quality, environmental benefits and creates a natural habitat for wildlife, it also helps prevent soil erosion by stabilising the ground. Meanwhile, artificial turf is pet-friendly, allergy-friendly and easy to maintain as unlike real grass it doesn’t need mowing, pesticides, fertilising or watering, saving you much time in the future.

Whether you want to opt for a real or artificial option, Silveroaks are on hand to help with the supply and installation of your grass solutions.

Tailored Decking and Fencing

Elevate the overall look of your garden with tailor-made decking options which are perfect for hosting and relaxing, as well as our fencing offering which enhances the overall security and privacy of your garden.

Our wood materials are selected from the finest manufacturers that ensure versatility, durability and weather protection for a sleek finish all year round with its enhanced aesthetics hand-crafted by our team of experts with an eye for detail.

Fencing Installed To Your Requirements

Silveroak Driveways LTD

Using local, trusted suppliers, Silveroak Driveways of Birmingham provide high-quality fencing. With a wide choice of designs and materials available, we can install any type or style of timber fencing to your exact specification. With a choice of wood or concrete gravel boards and posts. Some types of fencing we supply include solid fencing, semi-solid, decorative fencing and trellis, including:

  • Privacy Screen Fencing 
  • Residential Fencing
  • Security Fencing 
  • Panel Fencing 
  • Feather Edge
  • Close Board
Silveroaks Driveways Your Trusted Landscaping Partner in Birmingham

For all your garden landscaping needs Silveroaks Driveways provides the full package. From small projects to large ones, we are dedicated to stunning outcomes that help you enjoy your garden throughout the seasons. For more details, feel free to contact us.

Over the years we have built up a great reputation through hard work, reliability, and excellent customer service. From the first inquiry to the completion of the project, you are our priority. You will be involved in every step of the process to keep you in the loop and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work being done.

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