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Bespoke Landscaping Services in Solihull

There’s nothing quite like the relaxing feeling of opening up your doors and walking into your brand-new garden that has been lovingly created by people who are passionate about garden landscaping.

Silveroaks Driveways are experienced in professional landscaping and provide a range of leading solutions from turf and artificial grass to tailored decking and fencing, as well as planting and maintenance services.

We’re here to take your property to another level with our stunning outcomes that are catered for all styles and gardens.

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What We Do

Custom Features for Gardens in Solihull

When looking to build your own stone or brickwork, whether that’s a wall, path or patio, it’s best to leave it to a professional team who can efficiently and effectively craft beautiful results that are designed around your inspiration.

From materials to colours, textures and patterns we create unique items that are tailored to your property’s aesthetic that not only enhances your garden but can also increase the value of your property. Low maintenance thanks to the durable materials used, cleaning and occasional sealing are required to upkeep the overall look of your custom features.

Providing accessibility and also improving water management to reduce the risk of flooding or water logging in your garden, there are plenty of advantages to consider with our hard landscaping in Solihull.

Stonework and Brickwork

No matter what style your garden is, decorative brickwork and stonework is a perfect way to add interesting features to any garden.

Decorative stonework could be the perfect solution to creating separate areas for privacy or security while decorative brickwork could be used for raised planting areas and steps.

Planting and Maintenance Services

Our expert landscape gardeners in Solihull appreciate the power that professional planting and maintenance services can bring to your home. Not only will it save you time, but it’ll also help to enhance to overall look of your garden, keeping it fresh all year round.

From your first call, we’ll be able to discuss which plants and flowers are a particular favourite and then provide guidance on which types would complement a garden design that looks balanced yet beautiful with the array of types on offer.

Plus, our maintenance services range from weeding to mowing to take away the stress of looking after your garden. Visit our recent projects page to see examples of our work.

Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, and Hedges

Trees, shrubs and hedges are a perfect feature in any garden. Mature trees and shrubs look fantastic all year round if maintained. Our team carries out professional tree, shrub & hedge planting, maintenance, and removal services.

Turf and Artificial Grass Solutions

Silveroak Driveways LTD

A popular choice for many in Solihull, artificial turf is an excellent option if you’re searching for a low-maintenance option to elevate your garden with our range of products.

Suitable for large and small gardens we can assist on which type of astro-turf is best for your situation and will then expertly install at a time and day that works best for you. Alternatively, if you prefer natural turf then our dedicated team of landscapers will be able to supply and fit whilst providing the option of our high-quality maintenance services to prolong its pristine finish all year round.

Tailored Decking and Fencing

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sunset from your very own garden. This is made possible with our custom-built decking which is designed in collaboration with you to make the most of your space.

We also construct strong and sturdy fencing that increases your level of security and privacy whilst keeping young ones and pets away from harm. Both of these features are crafted with high-quality wood that is sustainable, durable and will last for years with the right treatment and construction.

Fencing Installed To Your Requirements

Silveroak Driveways LTD

Using local, trusted suppliers, Silveroak Driveways of Birmingham provide high-quality fencing. With a wide choice of designs and materials available, we can install any type or style of timber fencing to your exact specification. With a choice of wood or concrete gravel boards and posts. Some types of fencing we supply include solid fencing, semi-solid, decorative fencing and trellis, including:

  • Privacy Screen Fencing 
  • Residential Fencing
  • Security Fencing 
  • Panel Fencing 
  • Feather Edge
  • Close Board
Silveroaks Driveways Your Landscaping Partner in Solihull

For all your landscaping solutions, regardless of size, Silveroaks Driveways provides all the elements you could need for refurbishing or maintaining your garden. With each call we take we always offer a free quotation and are happy to discuss further how we can help you.

Through years of dedication, we have established a strong reputation for our commitment, dependability, and superior customer service. Ensuring your complete satisfaction from beginning to end is our main goal. We make it a point to keep you informed at every stage, guaranteeing that you are fully satisfied with the final outcome of our work.

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